Participation Information, Rules and Regulations:

When:  Saturday, September 16th, 2023; 4 to 7 PM

Where:  Phoenix Center for the Arts – 1202 North 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Duration:  3.0 hours

Purpose:  IACConnect was created to promote Indian Classical Music and Dance among the citizens of Phoenix area.  The purpose of this event is to showcase the emerging talent in the field of Indian Classical Music and Dance, from the well-known schools of Indian Classical Music and Dance in the valley and elsewhere; Students learning online are welcome to participate as well with their teacher’s approval to participate. No teachers are to perform at this event.

Entry Rules:

  1. All entries will be auditioned before acceptance in this program.  
  2. Late entries will NOT be accepted.
  3. The judgment of IACConnect will be final without any discussion. Please post a video clip of the item in YouTube and provide link to IACConnect in the Entry form. 
  4. Each school will be allowed a maximum of two (2) entries.  No exceptions.
  5. Each entry will have students performing individually or in a group (maximum 4 students). Small exception to this limit can be made at the discretion of IACCONNECT. Please email us with the description of exception and reason for it. 
  6. All performances – Vocal or Dance will be limited to maximum of five (5) minutes. No exceptions.
  7. Once audition is accepted by the IACConnect committee, all Dance participants must submit 2 copies of the music (CD or mp3 format). Load mp3 files at IACConnect Gunadarshan web site at least two days before the program date. In case of last minute changes, music can be brought to the concert site at least two hours before the program start. Entry will be denied if this rule is not followed.  
  8. Vocal/Instrumental –  All performances must have percussion accompaniment (Electronic tabla, Tanpura and/or Sriti box accompaniment is permissible). Hindustani performances must have a tabla accompaniment and the Carnatic performances must have a mridangam accompaniment.
  9. Proper Indian dance outfit/attire is required for the performance day.
  10.  Participants must be students of a music or a dance school and cannot be teachers.
  11.  No Fusion, Bollywood, New age, Neo-classical music is permitted.  Traditional Indian Classical Music forms must be presented for both Music and Dance entries.
  12. Please ensure that your teacher endorses your participation in the event. Entries submitted without teacher’s endorsement will not be entertained.


There is a $35/performer fee for this program.  If there are two or more students performing together, each participant must pay $35. Example: total $70 for two or $105 for three etc. No exceptions. The fee will be due only after being accepted to perform.  Please pay this amount via IACConnect’s web site using the PayPal option by the due date specified below. 


Application due date (including YouTube link) – Saturday August 26th, 2023 (Midnight)

Approval by IACConnect Board –  Saturday September 2nd, 2023

Participant Fee due – Saturday September 9th, 2023 (Midnight)

Event Date –  Saturday September 16th, 2023

Dance Music provided to IACCONNECT – Loaded at the Gunadarshan website 2days before the program. Any changes, at least two hours before the program. 

Send your questions regarding your application forms to –

IACConnect Contacts: 

Andrew L Soller

Vivek Gupta –

Babu Raman –

Load your completed application forms at this web site at the link shown there:

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